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Wake Up
Don’t Let the World Pass You By

2nd Edition – Upgraded and Improved

Allan successfully uses his northern wit and charm, to inspire and cajole you into not only taking action, but taking responsibility for your life. Using real life examples from some of the challenges he has faced, during his life to illustrate, what you are capable of achieving, when you start to step up and take action!

– Ian Wilson

Over the last few years I have experienced many changes in my lifestyle, most of which I would have preferred to avoid.

Yet these very experiences have enabled me to wrestle with life and observe many things from outside the normal light, a glimpse of life from a new window, enabling me to observe other people’s lives and giving me a greater understanding of why, although most people dream, they don’t achieve a life of fulfilment.

I always have been fascinated by previous civilisations, nations and races; with their different cultures, traditions and beliefs. How they lived at a personal level. During my life, as I travelled through different countries and met the inhabitants, I noticed that many people drift through life on a day to day basis, living a way of life with no purpose other than to stay alive for as long as possible.

This lack of ambition makes me feel that lives are being wasted hence the incentive to do something about it, if this book achieves a change for the better for only one life, I feel I will have contributed something positive to society.

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Wake Up Don’t Let the World Pass You By

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