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Allan L Roberts - Author

Allan Roberts

Is on a mission to transform vulnerable students into high achievers so they can reach their true potential.

As an inspirational speaker and mentor, Allan wants to support the next generation to succeed. He confesses that his own 75-year life journey could have been much smoother had he had the benefit of a mentor at an earlier age.

Public Speaker

Allan shares his tales from the trenches, from his own troubled youth to a disastrous marriage which left him financially in debt, he became homeless, and eventually lost his sight.

Through developing his mindset, this enabled Allan to overcome these traumatic challenges. He eventually became a speaker, author, and mentor in or-der to fulfil on his mission to make a difference.

He is passionate about charities, especially Mentor Link, and intends to raise £100,000 to Champion Youth For A Better Tomorrow.



Army Technician

Sales Representative

Business Coach

Wake up Don't let the world past you by. - Allan L Roberts Book cover


  • “Wake Up, Don’t Let the World Pass You By”
  • “The Great Bank Heist Mystery”
  • “Mountains and Rivers”
  • “Wake up, live the life you love, the power of team”
  • “My creative thoughts”

Signature Presentation Topic Championing Youth For A Better Tomorrow

This talk is about how the lives of vulnerable children are still being affected in the 21st century.

Allan will keep an audience engaged sharing inspiring stories, tips and tools that will enable them to give back through the power of mentoring.

They will learn about an exceptional mentoring organisation and how they too can leave their legacy by being at the forefront of inspiring the youth to have a better tomorrow.

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Selected Speaking and Media Appearances (Shared With Permission)

Coal Face Stories Podcast featuring Allan Roberts

In depth conversation with Allan

Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

Susan Sherayko talks with Inspirational Speaker Allan Roberts as he challenges you to: “Wake up: Don’t Let The World Pass You By”

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